About Us


As the name Priority Credit Union suggests, we make satisfying our members a priority. Our tagline, “For Those Who Deliver,” gives a nod of recognition to our postal members and heritage but also, as a credit union that is open to the whole community, to our entire family of hard-working people who in their own way “deliver” every day by supporting their families and their community.

Vision Statement – How We Deliver

We will strive, daily, to exceed member expectations. To provide a level of service simply not found at other financial institutions. To deliver on this promise, we will leverage our processes and make the investments necessary to provide the reliable financial technology that our community expects. Whenever and however our members need us, we deliver with friendly member service, quality products and competitive deposit and loan rates.


Priority Credit Union (previously Central Florida Postal Credit Union) was founded in 1930 by a small group of postal employees, and today is the oldest credit union in the Central Florida area. At the beginning, the Credit Union was led by Harold F. Anderson, one of the founding members and also the Credit Union’s first President. Our credit union was founded, and still exists today, to provide a reliable place For Those Who Deliver to save and borrow finances.

Why A Credit Union

A Credit Union is a not for profit cooperative organized to provide financial services to its members. While a Credit Union may seem similar to a bank when comparing the product and service offerings, it is not all the same. A bank is owned by its stockholders and these stockholders run the organization so that the bank returns the largest amount of profit back to these stockholders. A Credit Union differs in that the owners (or stockholders) of a Credit Union are its members. So by joining a Credit Union you become an owner of the financial institution you do business with.

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