Financial Tools

Your financial success and peace of mind are our priority! That’s why we deliver the tools you need to make more informed decisions and better manage your finances!

Loans & Credit Calculators

Auto Loans
Calculate your monthly car payment based on your loan amount and loan rate.

Cost of Credit
Calculate how much you can save by lowering the rate on your credit card balances.

Cost of Loans
Calculate how much lowering your current car payment rate could save you in interest.

Practical Life Calculators

Saving a Million
Whether you’re looking to save a million, or you have some other goal in mind, this calculator can help you plan your savings and reach your goal.

Saving for a Goal
This calculator will help show your child how long they need to save to reach any savings goal they decide to set, regardless of how big or how small.

Share Insurance Calculator
Choose this Share Insurance Estimator tool to calculate the insurance coverage of individual accounts, joint accounts with no more than 10 owners, revocable trust account (i.e., ITF/POD and living trust accounts) with up to 3 owners and 20 beneficiaries, IRAs and business accounts. It can process account groups from a single credit union of up to 50 accounts.