Name Change

Introducing Priority Credit Union

While we couldn’t be more proud of our Postal roots and our commitment to Central Florida communities, over the past months we have been reviewing our organization, mission and brand—including our name—to evaluate how well they still reflect the credit union we’ve grown to become.

In our final analysis, we determined “Central Florida Postal Credit Union” does not tell the entire story. While postal employees understand that we are there for them, many postal CUSTOMERS don’t realize that we serve the general public as well!

We are a credit union created for, and who caters to, individuals dedicated to their profession, their families and friends; people who pride themselves in going above and beyond and who have been relied upon by their families and community for most of their lives. While this certainly speaks to our postal employee members, it also acknowledges our growing family of hard-working members from other walks of life who bring that same level dedication to everything they do.

We think our name and mission should reflect this more inclusive focus, and celebrate the importance of every member regardless of occupation, place or position.

As of February 16, Central Florida Postal Credit Union will be known as Priority Credit Union!


Q: Why a new name?

A: While the credit union is steeped in postal heritage, it has evolved to meet the needs of the entire Central Florida community. The new name, Priority Credit Union, along with our other exciting new brand elements, are a major part of that evolution. They simultaneously celebrate our past while announcing our way forward. Much like its members, the credit union is nurturing, down to earth, professional, honest and compassionate. Our new brand is designed to highlight these similarities.

Q: Have you been merged or sold?
A: No. We have not been sold, nor are we merging with any other financial institution.

Q: How will your account be affected?
A: Your impact will be minimal. All account numbers, passwords, and PINs will remain the same.

Q: What will happen to your checks, account number, credit/debit cards, etc.?
A: Your account number(s) will stay the same, your checks with the old name and logo will continue to be valid, and your debit/credit cards with the old logo will continue to be accepted. Checks will be updated once you reorder and your cards will be updated upon expiration.

Q: What will happen if I have automatic payments taken from my account or if I receive direct deposit?
A: Everything will stay the same since our routing, transit, and account numbers will not change.

Q: How can I contact you or access your website?
A: Our phone numbers and hours will remain the same. While or new website address is, those that visit will automatically be forwarded to the new website address. The same will apply for email addresses.

Q: Will the same people be at the branches?
A: Yes. All the employees that you have been accustomed to working with will be here, ready and happy to meet your financial needs.

Q: Will the telephone numbers stay the same?
A: Yes. The toll-free telephone number, individual branch phone and fax numbers, as well as Call-24 phone numbers will remain the same.

Q: Will the hours be changing?
A: No. Our lobby and drive thru hours will remain the same.

Q: Will deposit insurance be affected?
A: No. Your deposits will continue to be federally insured and backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. The National Credit Union Association (NCUA) insures your individual savings accounts, up to at least $250,000 regardless of the number of accounts you may have. (Retirement accounts are also separately insured by the NCUA for up to $250,000.

Please Note: As we complete our transition to the new name, you may see both names in your encounters with
us. Please be assured that contractual documents with the name Central Florida Postal Credit Union will continue to remain in force and there is no need to replace these documents with our new name. Additionally, your day-to-day experience and our same exceptional service will continue and not be affected.